The research focus of biomechanics was founded in 1980 by Ulrich Witzel. Since then it engages in the development of endoprosthesis and the biomechanics of the muscle skeleton system. This leads to close cooperation with scientists of medicine, biology as well as paleontology, who explore the evolution of the skeleton of vertebrates. This focus of research uses the finite element method (FEM) as well as multy-body simulation (MKS) to give an insight in the evolutionary happenings and the ontogenectic processes of creatures. Besides the analysis of biological and technical constructions (FESA) virtual syntheses (FESS) are used to investigate and prove the connection between form and function. The latest questions of research focus on the simulation of biological lightweight constructions with the aim on defining the potential for technical use.

The Team

  Ulrich Witzel
  IC 1 / 161

  Andreas Lipphaus
  IC 1 / 163

  Marcel Bartz
  IC 1 / 83

  Anna Krahl
  IC 1 / 163

  Maike Sauerhoff
  IC 1 / 123